2023 a long time to wait for $15 minimum wage

The Maryland General Assemble has given the final approval so that the minimum wage would be increased to $15 an hour (“Maryland General Assembly overrides Gov. Hogan's vetoes of $15 minimum wage, comptroller's oversight,” Mar. 28). As of now the minimum wage is around $10 an hour, making it very hard to make ends meet.

Maryland is the seventh most expensive state to live in the United States. So why are Marylanders just getting an approval for $15 an hour to be passed in 2023 when low income families are in need now? In my opinion, I think that even if the minimum wage goes up in 2023, people are going to be still living in poverty. The reason why is that people are already living in extreme poverty with the minimum wage being $10.10. We should put into perspective that people must pay rent, BGE, food, personal necessities, transportation, daycare expenses etc.

There must be another way to make society better for people to survive and to live comfortably. The goal is for a balanced economy and for people to live a stable life.

Morgan Evans, Randallstown

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