Governor, a $15 wage is not unreasonable

Naturally, Gov. Larry Hogan in typical Republican fashion doesn't care about the workers who earn the minimum wage (“Maryland Gov. Hogan expresses concern increasing state’s minimum wage could chase away businesses,” Jan. 9). He worries that wealthy business owners will move their businesses to Virginia with its criminally low minimum wage.

Our proposed $15 per hour minimum wage would pay $30,000 a year. If two wage earners were getting that minimum wage in Maryland, they could raise a family if they were frugal. In Virginia, two minimum wage earners bringing in $14,500 a year each would have to turn to crime in order to feed their children.

Let's stop worrying about the rich people. They can take care of themselves. What we need is a vibrant middle class who can feed and educate their children and who can buy the products that the business owners want to sell.

Henry Farkas. Pikesville

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