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Polio survivor Mike Lang a true Baltimore role model | READER COMMENTARY

When he was seven years old, stricken with polio and his right leg paralyzed, Michael Lang spent several months in Kernan Hospital, Baltimore.

Dan Rodricks wrote a wonderful column about Michael Lang (“A Baltimore boyhood memory of polio and a pool hall,” Sept. 22). I graduated with Mike from City College in 1960. He was an inspiration to many of us who were Boy Scouts with him in Troop 147, sponsored by the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.

He was always one of us. Never did he say, “I cannot do it.” Nothing was too much for him to conquer. If there was a hike, Mike participated. Broad Creek Scout Camp was a challenge with its terrain, but that was not a deterrent in his attendance or participation in its activities. He was a terrific role model to us teens who knew him.


Ben Dubin, Baltimore

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