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DeSantis and Abbott deserve to be kicked to the curb | READER COMMENTARY

Help for Florida victims of Hurricane Ian (without human pawns). Sept. 29, 2022. (Bill Bramhall/New York Daily News).

I couldn’t agree more with the writer who complained about the abuse asylum seekers received at the hands of Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida who deceived them with false promises and forced travel. The whole point was to give the middle finger to anyone who seeks a benevolent solution to an immigration system that everyone agrees is broken (”America’s two worst governors abuse immigrants,” Oct. 4).

That anyone would use their power and authority to prank desperate human beings seeking to achieve asylum within our legal system makes these fascist governors unfit for any position of authority. In any fair universe, these would be considered crimes against humanity and punished accordingly.


But the sequel of the story for at least Florida ‘s DeSantis is even more pathetically ironic. The New York Post reported that Venezuelan immigrants regardless of immigration status are being sought to clean up Florida after Ian. Apparently, you cannot get Americans to clean 1,300 ZIP codes full of debris, alligators and snakes after the Category 4 hurricane. So it’s the Venezuelans — who the New York Post reports are being offered $15 an hour, overtime pay and $15 a day for food — who are rounded up in vans in New York City to clean these impacted areas in Florida.

Small wonder that during a similar disaster after Hurricane Katrina, the George W. Bush administration temporarily suspended a requirement that employers verify that new workers are authorized to work in the U.S., so federal contractors could hire undocumented workers in order to clean up a similar quagmire in New Orleans. They even erected a statue honoring Latin American workers who helped rebuild New Orleans, even though many of them were never paid.


I would confer immediate citizenship on anyone arriving to clean up this mess if for no other reason they would be eligible to vote DeSantis and Abbott out of office in November.

— Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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