Readers Respond

Media drank the Russian-collusion Kool-Aid

The media should be blasted for drinking the Russian collusion conspiracy Kool-Aid and destroying their credibility in the process (“The Mueller report is in, but questions about Trump go on and on,” Mar. 25).

Now will the media who invested so much in this narrative accept it, remembering that they are not supposed to root for outcomes? Or will they hold on, looking for ways to save face on their earlier (wrong) predictions and coverage?


The fake news reporters who built their careers peddling conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia in order to personally enrich themselves should be mocked.

People, collusion is over.


Many people are wondering if anyone in the fake news media will pay a price for purposefully misleading the American people for more than two years about a story they knew was false.

But no one can count on the media to police themselves.

It should be noted that The Sun, which acted as prosecutor, jury, judge and executioner could only cover the Mueller report via articles copied from The Washington Post — no articles from the “Sun staff.” I think Luke Broadwater could have done a better job than big brother Washington Post.

R. Buterbaugh, Kingsville