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It’s O’s fans striking out in MASN dispute with DISH | READER COMMENTARY

As reported in The Sun, DISH TV has dropped MASN regarding a dispute (”DISH drops MASN in contract dispute, leaving baseball fans out in the cold,” April 2). I support DISH in this dispute, and so should every person that buys TV service through Comcast/Xfinity. DISH wants to offer MASN as an a la carte network for an additional fee rather than increase its rates for everyone. MASN said no.

Every customer who has a standard plan or better with Comcast is forced to buy MASN regardless of whether or not you actually watch the channel. That represents thousands of customers and perhaps millions of dollars wasted by consumers being forced to purchase a bundle that they don’t need nor want.


The flip side of that problem is represented by the thousands of customers who just want to watch their home team and are forced to buy a bundle and pay a fortune each month to Comcast in order to do that. Like me, thousands of people are paying for hundreds of channels they don’t need nor want just to watch their home team.

In addition to the bill for the bundle, every month every Comcast customer on a standard plan or better pays an additional fee for the regional sports network, which recently has been around $15 per month. All that money to purchase channels and services that are not needed or wanted. Do people even know they are paying that?


Of course, the answer is a la carte purchasing, something MASN refuses to do. They are stuck in a model from the 1990s. Today, I can stream just about any service such as HBO Max a la carte for $15 a month. My Comcast bill is now $149 per month, an amount I have decided is too much to pay just to watch the Orioles. I am canceling the TV service.

MASN just started a streaming service, but in order to stream, customers must purchase MASN through a provider. It is not a stand alone streaming service so it solves none of the issues of dealing with a forced bundle buy.

You may be angry with DISH TV if you are a customer who recently lost the MASN network. Take heart in the fact that DISH is on the right side of this argument and history. Bundles are past. A la carte buying is the future.

Dudley Thompson, Girdletree

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