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Md. still a high-tax state

Dan Rodricks’ column regarding a Kiplinger’s article on the large number of millionaires in Maryland (due in part to its proximity to Washington, D.C.) misses the point (“Maryland millionaires must like it here, after all,” Aug. 31). How many well-off people have picked up and left Maryland due to its high state and local taxes? He does not even address that issue.

How many will do so now due to the new federal tax law limiting deductions (which the General Assembly decided in a stealth move to simply pocket). My father and others I have known personally established their primary residency elsewhere due to Maryland taxes. Mr. Rodricks also curiously fails to include this insightful commentary from the same Kiplinger’s article: “Steep local income taxes make the Old Line State one of Kiplinger’s least tax-friendly states. A cost of living that’s 21.4 percent higher than the national average is another negative.”

Mr. Rodricks does not get a high grade from me for his research or analysis.

John Sinclair

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