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Assault weapons aren’t the problem | READER COMMENTARY

Baltimore City Police forensics technicians bag evidence at the shooting scene in the 700 block of North Rose Street in East Baltimore where a gunman fired more than 60 rounds with an assault weapon. One person died and three others were injured in the May 10, 2022 incident. (Jerry Jackson/Baltimore Sun).

In The Baltimore Sun’s recent editorial, “Maryland General Assembly Watch: A to-do list for 2023” (Jan. 10), your fifth recommendation on “Better protect citizens from guns” addresses controls over military-style semi-automatic assault rifles. How many of the 300-plus murders in Baltimore were committed with assault weapons?

Our legislature has repeatedly failed to pass laws that address illegal handguns and repeat violent offenders. Please change your focus to address the deadly situation we face every day. We need to hold the General Assembly accountable to address these more important issues!


— Frank Bossle, Timonium

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