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The fake news about Manny Machado and Baltimore

I’m not a huge fan of Manny Machado. He is a rare and gifted baseball player. On the other hand, his multiple antics and frequent lack of hustle detract from his otherwise stellar performance on the field.

In his defense, however, there is no doubt that his words were taken out of context in the February Sports Illustrated interview. It was widely reported in the local media that Mr. Machado was critical of the city of Baltimore and its fans. The title of Peter Schmuck’s recent article (“Schmuck: Padres' Manny Machado arrives in Washington and delivers a nice bouquet to Orioles fans,” Apr. 26) even alludes to the alleged affront. But when he stated that the team didn’t show him even “a little bit of love,” he was simply referring to the organization not offering him a long-term contract.

I hope when Mr. Machado visits Camden Yards in June that he gets a warm reception from the Orioles fans. He is a special talent and provided us with many amazing and entertaining highlight plays.

He did not disrespect Baltimore or its baseball following. I’m not a huge fan of the president either, but this was fake news.

Eugene Wu, Sparks

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