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Is Kavanaugh getting his own public 'lynching?'

If it wasn't so deadly serious and so meaningful to our sense of justice and fair play, I could have laughed out loud at The Baltimore Sun’s editorial page on Sunday (“Lynchings and The Sun: Coverage with a huge blind spot,” Sept. 30). There was the editorial proclaiming "mea culpa" about The Sun's record of reporting on historical lynchings. And then there it was — Kevin Kallaugher's caricature of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I cannot recall nor imagine a clearer case of a modern day lynching.

Absolutely none of the allegations leveled against Judge Kavanaugh would have risen to the level of a warrant, let alone made it into a court of law. Argue all you want that this is a "job interview" and not a courtroom, but the same rules of decency and fair play (innocent until proven guilty) must apply or we will never get qualified people to open themselves up to this kind of treatment.

Our political system has progressively degenerated into mudslinging, "lets see what sticks" attacks on our opponents rather than a candidate campaigning on what he brings to the table. Now, it seems that the Democratic Party is trying to apply this technique to anyone they oppose. They had no intention of supporting this nominee but found nothing to criticize.

It's been reported that the Democrats already have a website set up to oppose any next potential nominee. Now certainly, they are entitled to oppose anyone who doesn't share their political views. But do it honestly — say you oppose because he or she doesn't see the world like you do. Don't lynch. Or feature those who do (“Trump says he supports ‘comprehensive’ FBI probe on Brett Kavanaugh allegations,” Oct. 1).

Kenneth Kent, Cambridge

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