Ahead of our Valentine’s Day happy hour on Feb. 13, our team reflected on all the things we love about our beautiful city and what it might have looked like if a certain Victorian poet wrote a love poem for Baltimore. We’ve decided it might have gone a little something like this:

How do we love thee, Baltimore? Let us count the ways.


We love thee for the arts and culture and connections

Our residents reach, after spending time with their neighbors on the street.

For the stooping and block parties and even the lawn chair space savers.

We love thee to the level of a perfect chicken box.

“Saltpepperketchup,” freshly fried.

We love thee freely, as our stadiums lights shine so bright.

We love thee purely, despite our city’s challenges.

We love thee with passion for the diversity on our blocks and with childhood’s faith.

We love thee with a love proclaimed by our authors and artisans.

Through smiles, tears or laughter; and, if John Waters so chooses,

We shall but love thee better with age. ⁠

Margarita Cambest, submitted on behalf of staff at Live Baltimore

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