Trump Cancels Military Parade, Citing High Costs On Friday, President Trump canceled plans for a military parade this fall. The president also took a jab at the local government in Washington, saying the city is “poorly” run. Local Democrat Muriel Bowser responded.

In the fever swamp of leftist thought across America, but primarily on the east and west coasts, President Donald Trump is little more than a tyrant in waiting, if not already in action. The supposed latest proof of this is the removal of John Brennan's security clearance and the news that others might enjoy the same fate (“President Trump says he welcomes a lawsuit from former CIA director Brennan contesting his loss of a security clearance,” Aug. 20).

In the mind of collectivist Democrats and some Republicans who despise President Trump for his lack of class and vulgarian tendencies, this action is not only that of an evil autocrat but a violation of our sacred First Amendment. Never mind that there is no Constitutional right to any level of security clearance and that removal of such can be based on many factors, among them that the person is no longer employed by the government, has abused that clearance in the past or intends to use it for financial gain in the private sector.


President Trump, contrary to popular left-wing opinion of him, is no fool and only a fool would allow his political enemies — and Mr. Brennan has made it quite clear that he considers the president his enemy — access to potential ammunition to use against him in the press, especially when those political adversaries are no longer in government service.

This brings us to the canard that Mr. Brennan's free speech rights have been violated. It is the height of intellectual dishonesty to suggest that the loss of access to classified data is somehow akin to restricting one's right to criticize. Is Mr. Brennan's imagination and lexicon so limited that he is unable to find the words to disparage Mr. Trump without access to government secrets?

Has President Trump threatened to imprison him or James Clapper or any of the multitude of former Obama administration officials who daily make unfounded and outrageous claims against the new administration? Has he had Americans killed without due process like former President Barack Obama did when he had Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old old son dispatched in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011? He has not. In fact, the worst he has done is respond in kind on Twitter and take pot shots at the press at media events. He hasn't even taken any action in response to goading from both sides, to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Some tyrant.

The irony in all of this is that it is the left which is acting in a tyrannical manner across the spectrum. For example, in Congress, most if not all Democrats would be thrilled if the cynically-named Fairness Doctrine were re-instituted, which would result in the decimation, if not complete elimination of talk radio, one of the few areas where conservative voices, via the free market, dominate. No tyranny there.

The content algorithms used by Facebook, Twitter and other left-wing owned internet media giants consistently catch supposed hate speech by the right but rarely, if ever, by the left. Why is that?

Are we to believe that the left's rhetoric is always as pure as the driven snow? That would be nearly as difficult to believe as the media-fed fantasy that Antifa are actually benign, agreeable protesters exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to peacefully assemble to air their views and oppose fascism and who only resort to violence when physically assaulted. This, in contrast to the reality of black-clothed, balaclava-clad thugs who attack the police, throw feces and urine bombs, break windows and set dumpsters afire whenever and wherever they show up while threatening and shouting down any and all who dare oppose them. All in the name of tolerance, free speech and anti-fascism of course. Hypocrisy, anyone?

Who are the real fascists? Who are the real totalitarians? If President Trump is really the despot of the left's imagination, he's setting a damn poor example for the wannabe tyrants of the world to follow.

Robert Gellert, Glen Burnie