Wearing a flag pin doesn’t make you a bigot | READER COMMENTARY

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"You can see I love freedom from my lapel pin," the multi-tasking GOP observes. (Nick Anderson/Tribune Content Agency)

I hope The Baltimore Sun readers who saw Nick Anderson’s editorial cartoon featuring a GOP octopus tightly squeezing “voting rights,” “reproductive freedom,” “Democratic cities” and others while wearing a flag pin do not assume that everyone who wears a U.S. flag pin is a bigot or likely so (”You can see the GOP loves freedom,” May 20).

For most Americans, the U.S. flag is a symbol of democracy, freedom and love of our country. A necessary, albeit offensive at times, element of our freedom is that it can extend to bigots. Yet it would be bigoted, or at least unfair, to assume that everyone who wears a U.S. flag pin opposes the causes and groups that are being squeezed in the cartoon.


— Francis, J. Gorman, Baltimore

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