Blame coaches, not QB for Ravens playoff loss

In response to the recent article after the Ravens’ loss to the Chargers concluding that "stumbles by rookie quarterback lead to defeat,” perhaps you needed to take a second look (“After awful start, late charge can’t save Ravens’ season in 23-17 wild-card-round loss to Chargers,” Jan. 6). True, Lamar Jackson didn't play his best game, but he did play with what was given to him.

Everyone who has watched the games for the past seven weeks knows what their game plan has been. They know due to Lamar's lack of experience that it will surely be the same running game as it has been, one that has gotten them to where they were. I am only a fan, and I knew that. Did the coaches not know that the Chargers knew that? Did they not know that they watch the game films? Did they not know that they just played them a few weeks before and knew what to expect? Did they not think that the Chargers defense were going to just be waiting for those plays?

If there was ever a Plan B, what happened to it? Into the second half of the game after it clearly wasn't working, a change should have been made — not with six minutes to go in the game. It didn't have to be sending Joe Flacco in, just a Plan B. This was a playoff game. There was no next week. It had to be now. But I guess the coaching staff thought it was going to get better. How long were they waiting for it to get better?

Lamar has made mistakes that need to be worked on, and he's young and has a lot to learn, but he has played every game with his heart. And you could see it with the other players on the team. I am sure he knew the play calling wasn't working. Why didn't the coaches? And kudos to Jimmy Smith for reminding the fans who were calling for Joe Flacco that is was Number 8 who got them there. And thank you, Lamar, for lifting us up and getting us to the playoffs this year.

You can blame it on the fumbles. You can blame it on the sacks. You can blame it on being shut down with the running game. But in the end, it was the poor decisions from the coaching staff and the play calling (or lack thereof) that lost the game.

Patricia Snyder, Overlea

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