A chance to reshape Maryland's schools

Maryland has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape our system of public education to ensure that it serves every student and every family in our great state. The Kirwan Commission is the most important event in public education in the last 15 years. The commission is meeting to decide how we should fund our schools and on what we should spend the money. I hope that everyone living in Maryland stands up in support of the essential recommendations made in this report (“Maryland legislative leaders unveil broad education bill based on Kirwan panel’s recommendations,” Feb. 15).

Among the recommendations found in HB 1415, the Kirwan Commission calls for more money for high quality career and technology education with an emphasis on students doing the work necessary to receive an industry-recognized license or certificate. High school students will participate in internships or apprenticeship opportunities that prepare them to successfully compete in a global economy. I hope our community supports HB 1415 and the larger Kirwan Commission to start developing the schools that every Maryland student deserves.

Matt Hornbeck, Baltimore

The writer is a Strong Schools Maryland team member.

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