Oops. Never mind
Oops. Never mind (Dana Summers / Courtesy)

The never-ending mud heaped onto now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh continues (“Who really deserves to be removed from office after latest Kavanaugh allegations? Mitch McConnell,” Sept. 16). The latest episode involves two New York Times reporters who, in the process of hyping their new book, allege in a Times article that Mr. Kavanaugh participated in a drunken exposure of himself at some college party. This was allegedly reported by a college classmate.

The reporters failed to mention in the article, as they did in their book, that the supposed victim of this incident has no recollection of it and the classmate also represented Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceedings. On this hollow platform, The Sun launches an attack on Mr. Kavanaugh and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


As to Mr. Kavanaugh, The Sun claims he dodged questions on substantive legal questions and that there was insufficient investigation of various allegations of sexual misconduct. In refusing to respond to specific legal questions, Mr. Kavanaugh was following the practice established by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As to the investigation of his background, The Sun conveniently omits mention of the several FBI background checks done on Mr. Kavanaugh for his prior positions as well as his highly qualified rating by the American Bar Association.

As to the various claims of sexual misconduct, it should be noted that a letter outlining such claims from Christine Blasey Ford was in possession of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her staff for weeks before the Kavanaugh hearings. Only when it became apparent that Mr. Kavanaugh’s nomination would go through was the letter leaked to the press. If this claim was so credible, it should have been reported to the FBI. The complaint of a lack of proper investigation is laughable when the very people making this complaint hindered and delayed any such investigation.

As to all the claims of sexual misconduct, they are “very credible” to political partisans such as The Sun’s editorial board, but the numerous holes in Ms. Ford’s story, including the fact that even her best friend has no recollection of it, casts considerable doubt on their truth. The other claims are nothing but concoctions of political activists or sleazy ambulance chasers. The “#MeToo” movement has exposed sexual predators who have abused women for decades. Unfortunately for Justice Kavanaugh and the good of the country, the movement was hijacked by political hacks to push an agenda. Such conduct should never be tolerated or rewarded with a forced withdrawal of a qualified nominee.

It apparently does not occur to The Sun that any success of such tactics will only serve as a template for future obstruction of Supreme Court nominations. Someday, the shoe will be on the other foot. Does The Sun wish such treatment on Democratic nominees? The Kavanaugh hearings were indeed a new low for the Senate. Let us hope that future nominees do not endure the “Borking” endured by Brett Kavanaugh.

Robert C. Erlandson, Lutherville

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