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After the Kavanaugh hearing, throw all the senators out

For shame Sens. Chuck Grassley (R), Patrick Leahy (D), Orrin Hatch (R), Dianne Feinstein (D), Lindsey Graham (R), Amy Klobuchar (D), John Cornyn (R), Mazie Hirono (D), Mike Lee (R), Ted Cruz (R), Ben Sasse (R), Kamala Harris (D), Jeff Flake (R), Mike Crapo (R), Thom Tillis (R) and John Kennedy (R).

For shame, all of you grand standing in front of the public to promote your own agendas. Although some of you may have made a conciliatory reference to the heart-wrenching, intrusive and devastating effect this hearing has had on the two key people and their families involved (“Kavanaugh nomination expected to advance as key GOP senator gives his support,” Sept. 28), none of you really give a damn. It is apparent that you are supporting your party line and in doing so, doing a disservice to the American judicial system and more importantly to the American way of truth and justice. You should be ashamed of yourselves. None of you, not one, put the welfare of these two individuals in front of your own political talking points and ideologies. Shame on all of you.

Thursday’s hearing was a disgusting show of barbarianism by all involved. Why not throw them to the lions in the Roman forum and see who comes out unscathed? You are the lions ripping and clawing using these two pawns (Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasy Ford) as your red meat. It was a sham and a disgrace by all of you. Sitting on your high benches, no doubt, feeling above it all and superior, while dishonoring yourselves and your values. Three of you having been through this sham before in 1991 with Anita Hill inquiries — did you not learn your lesson, or don’t you care? Do any one of you remember why you ran for office in the first place? Was it to be fair and honest and make a difference? Maybe at one time it was, but you ended up following the party line simply so you could stay elected for decades — you sold out.

It’s a pretty cushy job being a senator; sure, we get it, it’s great you feel superior to others, you think you’re above the rest of us, you follow your parties’ dictates because if you don’t, you don’t get to be senator for another term. When did you all sell out? Do you remember? By all means, vote the party line whether right or wrong – am I correct? Isn’t this what this was all about – simply, either the Republicans must win, or the Democrats must win. Either way, I will tell you, no one wins and certainly the American people don’t win as this is not a winnable scenario. No one wins no matter how this is decided. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans and Democrats worked together. They might not always agree, but at the very least they respected one another and worked together to come up with realistic, moderate ways to move our country forward. If you cannot respect each other, you clearly cannot even respect yourselves, and that is a very sad statement for our representatives. When did it become “you against us” — when did our country become so divided that we can’t see through this sham of a hearing? When did we make the decision to be on one side or the other. We are all Americans, we are all on the same side. If the 16 of you are what is representative of our Senate then I vote to have all of you thrown out of office. I suggest no one vote for you ever again as many of you have been in office for decades — many decades too many. You’ve forgotten what it means to serve but rather you would be a puppet serving the party line, so you can get re-elected. It shouldn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat, don’t vote for these people — they are self-serving, party liners who do not have the best interest of the country involved but rather the best interest for themselves and their bloated egos. I think it’s time to enact term limits for senators.

We all know the song/quote: United we stand, divided we fall — this is no truer today than ever before. Stop letting these people in the Senate and Congress brainwash you — you are smarter than that. We are Americans. We are one. We are not Republicans or Democrats — that should not be what divides us but rather what makes us unique, what galvanizes us. Differences are good, different ideas are good, different viewpoints are good. We should spend time listening to everyone’s viewpoint — different from our own — it is the only way a society can grow. Stop listening to only one source, open your eyes, your minds, your heart to other options and opinions even if you find them unsettling. Stop listening to only one point of view, stop stagnating. The only way to grow and advance is by being challenged by other viewpoints — you still might not agree but at least you’ll have the entire story, the entire viewpoint so you can make an educated decision. We can disagree and still respect one another. We are a strong nation today because of our diversity and differences. Embrace them. We are Americans. We are Americans. Whether I agree with your political view or not does not mean we are friends or enemies – we are one – we are Americans. Wake up folks, stop buying the party line (either one) and start thinking for yourselves. Dividing our country up between Republicans and Democrats makes us vulnerable not only to domestic but foreign agendas. Let’s start caring about each other whether Republican or Democrat – you don’t have to agree with me, but at least let’s be civil to one another and try to work out a solution — a common, fair thread. It doesn’t have to be my way or your way — perhaps all it should be is our way — a fair and equitable stance for all involved.

Joan Chandon, Gettysburg

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