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What Democrats did to Kavanaugh is disgusting

I find what the Democrats have done concerning Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be disgusting (“A day of explosive testimony at Kavanaugh, Ford hearings results in a partisan brawl,” Sept. 28). They will do anything no matter how damaging to get their way and in the process have brought this Congress to a new low.

Deliberately waiting until the eleventh hour reeks of a sneaky ambush. So much harm has been done to the Kavanaughs and Christine Blasey Ford and her family by allowing unsupported and unproven allegations of sexual assault. These allegations should never have been brought forth when there is no proof or witnesses. The kind of harm inflicted by these kinds of unsupported accusations is devastating even to the innocent simply by their nature. It is unconscionable to try to destroy a man, his reputation and his family. Are we regressing to the Middle Ages when a person could be accused and punished based only on the word of the accuser? I used to be a registered Democrat; I would be ashamed to call myself one today.

This is a disgrace that has been brought about by a Congress that believes that American citizens fall into two categories: liberal or conservative. Wake up! The great majority of us are both; the issue at hand will dictate where we stand, not our voter registration cards.

Bonnie Rogers, Bel Air

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