Ravens win — despite a bonehead goal line play

While everyone celebrates Lamar Jackson (and he certainly deserves recognition), Childs Walker nailed it (“Five Things We Learned from the Ravens’ 26-24 win over the Cleveland Browns,” Dec. 31). The quarterback’s extended arm touchdown attempt was a bonehead play. With third down at the 1 yard line and with an offensive line and running backs that could knock down a stable door, a hand-off or a sneak on the next try or two would have secured the win before the half.

If it weren’t for “The Whistle” (as the moment will no doubt be remembered in Cleveland), the Browns would have won the game! The Browns stymied the run in the second half and the Ravens defense which had been so good was tired, as opposed to previous weeks. A bonehead play was saved by the bell (or a whistle in this case). What happens when the Chargers copy the Browns defensive scheme? Will the side arm pass and the college option fool them?

Lamar Jackson deserves praise, but that better be tempered by more precise passing and giving it more than the “old college try” (otherwise known as the triple option play). And, please, no more Antonio Brown stretches.

Jim Mundy, Ellicott City

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