Gaza violence? Stop scapegoating Israel for actions of Hamas

Protests continue at the border fence separating Israel and the Gaza Strip in a camp east of Gaza City on May 14, 2018.

I guess The Baltimore Sun and other mass media now have another Israel-bashing, one-sided colleague in the person of Nathan Feldman of Freedom to Boycott MD (“Gaza deaths demand action,” May 15). As the saying goes, there are none so blind as those who cannot see. Some illustrations:

The Hamas-inspired “protesters” are violent criminals who, choosing to effect unlawful terrorist activities by trying to breach the sovereignty of Israel, risk the attendant consequences.


Second, in 1967 Palestinians were urged to vacate their lands by the Arab armies who promised them the Jews would be “driven into the sea” or otherwise massacred, after which they would return to their homes. They listened and left, thus forfeiting their “right of return.”

Mr. Feldman speaks of the “750,000 Palestinians forced from their homes” to become the singular, U.N.-collaborated multi-generational “refugees” since World War II, abandoned by their 22-nation Arab brothers. What of the 800,000-plus Jews driven from their Arab lands in which they lived for millennia? The difference is that many of these forced-refugees found refuge in Israel and contributed to the successful “start up nation” Israel has become.

Israel vacated Gaza in 2005 leaving them millions of valuable, income-producing properties. What did they do? They destroyed them much like they did at the Kerem Shalom Crossing a few days ago.

The “unlivability” of conditions in Gaza? Where are the billions the Europeans and others have given to the Palestinians for decades to improve their lives? Answer: the same place Hamas uses its money from Iran and others — building terror tunnels and funding rockets rather than hospitals, schools, infrastructure, etc.

Until and unless the Palestinians redirect their energies toward constructive rather than destructive endeavors driven by their Hamas gangsters, their deaths will continue to be on the heads of Hamas, not Israel!

Arnold Feiner, Pikesville