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Headline misleads in coverage of attack in Israel | READER COMMENTARY

Israeli security forces patrol at the scene of stabbing attack at the Ariel Industrial Zone, near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Ariel, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022. A Palestinian killed two Israelis and wounded four others in an attack in a settlement in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday before he was shot and killed by Israeli security personnel, Israeli paramedics and Palestinian officials said. (AP Photo/Oren Ziv)

A terrorist enters an Israeli population center. He stabs five Jews, all private citizens, two of them fatally. He steals a car and kills another Jew by ramming into his car. As he attempts to flee, the murderer is shot and killed by an off-duty Israeli soldier. The Associated Press story correctly leads with the heinous murders of innocent civilians. But The Baltimore Sun’s headline is this: “Soldier kills Palestinian man after fatal attack, Israel says” (Nov. 16).

Really? That’s the story, or so “Israel says?” This headline is repugnant. It is biased and misleading.


— Jeffrey D. Silverberg, Pikesville

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