Put a police substation at the Inner Harbor

Recent articles in the Sunpapers have dealt with "issues" at the Inner Harbor (“Two sides to Saturday's Inner Harbor incident — and a path forward,” May 29). There have been disturbances and some crime, including a carjacking and also groups of unruly youth. In addition, the Harborplace retail complex is in trouble with several vacancies.

Perhaps, a satellite Baltimore City Police station could be placed in one of the vacant retail spaces and it could be clearly marked with large signage. Also, a small tower or pole could be placed on top of the complex, with a battery of observation cameras aimed to cover the entire area in all directions. Personnel inside could monitor the cameras and a handful of officers stationed at the site could respond very quickly to any problems, and call for backup if needed.

The visible presence of such a satellite police station would be a deterrent to potential mischief. In addition, the police presence might encourage more visitors to the area, since families wishing to visit the Inner Harbor would feel safer and anyone with a question or safety issue could quickly find assistance.

The police have patrols in the area already and have been called to the Inner Harbor numerous times recently, so why not give them a permanent presence?

Iver Mindel, Cockeysville

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