So many channels
(Joel Pett)

Last week’s Trump impeachment hearings should be a rallying call for all of us (“Trump suggests he may offer written testimony in House impeachment inquiry,” Nov. 18). No matter what your political affiliation, come on people, stand up with all of the dedicated and sacrificing government employees those witnesses represent.

All who testified showed tremendous courage and dedication to the country we all love, warts and all. They came forward. They placed their careers and even their personal safety on the line to shout ”enough.”


I, along with millions of others worldwide became political binge watchers during last week’s opening hearings. No, it was not high drama. Yes, we had heard some of this before. What we can agree upon is that no country can retain its democracy without the freedom to speak truth to power.

Thank you, Ambassadors Yovanovitch and Taylor, thank you Mr. Kent, thank you Mr. Sandy, thank you whistleblower, thank you Mr. Holmes and Ms. Jayanti and all federal officials and employees who will comply with patriotism to support the fact finding process. So many more unnamed will be called upon to pull documents out of files, to make copies of testimony, to provide legal memoranda, to clean the restrooms, in short, to do their jobs.

Thank you, all federal employees who serve our country and our families every day. We could not enjoy democracy without you.

Fellow citizens join me in acknowledging their sacrifices. Write your U.S. House representatives and senators to demand they support federal employees and their families with honor, respect, fair compensation and open minds.

Ellen Marshall, Baltimore

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