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U.S. is mistreating immigrants; a wall will only make it worse

U.S. Senate candidate Jerome M. Segal placed an advertisement in The Baltimore Sun in which he writes about how President Donald Trump wants to build a wall and is holding DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) immigrants hostage for it. Mr. Segal thinks that Congress should cave and give the authorization to build the wall.

I guess I just want to ask Mr. Segal if he has any children. At a certain age, kids can be pretty obnoxious in order to get their way. They are in a way masters of holding hostage their parents' prestige, self-respect, and self-confidence. I can see no reason why I would want to respond by giving the kid what he wants when he behaves like that. Parents like to teach their kids to behave better. Assuming Mr. Segal has kids, he probably agrees that you don't respond to bad behavior or you will only encourage it again. Why would he want Congress to respond to a grown man who behaves this way? Or does Mr. Segal think that his own kids are able to learn but that an old person like President Trump cannot.

I cannot vote for a person who feels like the end justifies the means. And that is what Mr. Segal’s message is when he advises Congress to give someone who is behaving badly what he wants so they can get what they want. Young people who have been in this country since they were very small can make large contributions to our nation, as do others who have come here for their own safety or for a better life.

I don't think we are doing right by immigrants right now. And we certainly are not doing right by refugees either. The wall will make it worse (“Pushed by voters, Republican moderates rebel on immigration,” June 6). The U.S. is participating in wars all over the world yet is not reaching out to the refugees displaced because of these wars. Money should be spent to help people settle and be safe. If many come through the Mexican border, then the Mexican border should have a "point of entry."

Our country thrives where there is diversity. As we begin to put a plug on diversity, we diminish to a homogeneous nation. The arts, sciences, and communities suffer. Our military can do more to help and less to hurt or it shouldn't be receiving so much money.

There are many people who feel as I do. And the angry president does not represent us.

Kate Hartig

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