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City would be foolish to ignore Hopkins' concerns

In the editorial, “What Hopkins needs to do to win community support for a police force” (Dec. 19), you express great concern over Johns Hopkins getting full community support in putting together their own sworn and armed police force. The irony is that you write this at a time when Baltimore is once again overwhelmed with daily violent crime, a police force under siege and a murder tally in the war zones that recently exceeded 300 for the year.

Has anyone in Baltimore's leadership ever pondered the idea that Johns Hopkins might be considering the danger to its people and the cost of staying in Baltimore? The city bent over backwards to court Amazon as the new home for their headquarters yet can't provide security to Hopkins.

Would other cities and states be willing to make a sweet deal to gain a huge world class operation like Hopkins? Would they be willing to provide the police force needed to ensure the safety of Hopkins' people and squelch criminals in their area? It would be a shame for Baltimore’s elected officials to let the golden goose get away as a result of their inability to maintain safety in the city. If Hopkins were to ever move to greener pastures, it would be a huge and devastating blow to the local economy.

Dan Crumpler, Bradenton, Fla.

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