Maryland’s governor voted for a dead man; here’s how residents reacted | READER COMMENTARY

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, left, recently revealed that he wrote in the name of Ronald Reagan on his mail-in ballot this year rather than vote for Donald Trump, Joe Biden or anyone else running for president.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, left, recently revealed that he wrote in the name of Ronald Reagan on his mail-in ballot this year rather than vote for Donald Trump, Joe Biden or anyone else running for president. (Hogan photo by Amy Davis / Baltimore Sun)

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan wrote in the name of deceased former president Ronald Reagan as his choice to lead the country for the next four years, and Marylanders responded with feeling. Here’s a sampling of what they are saying about his decision and our editorial on it (submissions edited for length):

Casting a ballot for a dead person is dead wrong

Gov. Larry Hogan’s decision to vote for a dead person in the presidential election next month is a shameful abdication of leadership by an elected official (“Hogan casts write-in vote for Ronald Reagan,” Oct. 17). The governor is, of course, entitled to vote for whom he chooses, but surely if he cannot abide any of the nominated candidates who are very much alive, he could at the least vote for someone among the living or keep his decision private.


I served with Governor Hogan as an elected delegate to that 1980 Republican National Convention that nominated Ronald Reagan, Mr. Hogan’s hero. Casting votes for dead people is not a way for adults to model civic behavior for our young people.

Charles W. Mitchell, Parkton


What a waste of a vote

Thank you and kudos to The Baltimore Sun’s editorial board (“Don’t be like Maryland’s governor: Vote for the living,” Oct. 19) for expressing what my gut feeling was unable to articulate — namely Gov. Larry Hogan’s abdication of leadership in voting for the deceased Ronald Reagan. In my eyes, this lame effort to appease the populace of moderate and undecided voters fails in all ways to build a bipartisan bridge.

Barry Stansbury, Whiteford

Disliking Trump is different from favoring Biden

The fact that voters like Gov. Larry Hogan and don’t like Donald Trump doesn’t, by default, mean that we favor Joe Biden. The Sun supports the former vice president and that’s your right (“Biden for president — please,” Sept. 25). We disagree with him and think he’s a weak candidate. It’s our right to leave our ballots blank or write in whomever we want.

Electing Mr. Biden is not a sacred calling that Marylanders are doing the “heavy lifting” to pursue. He’s simply your choice. How about a bit more tolerance of those who dare disagree with your choice?


Jerome Brownstein, Baltimore

Don’t expect a Republican governor to vote for a Democrat

The Sun rebukes Gov. Larry Hogan for voting for a dead man for president. Would you have been happier if had voted for Donald Trump or Jo Jorgensen, both living candidates for president? Or is the only acceptable vote a vote for Joe Biden?That’s a bit much to ask from a Republican governor.

Brad Sharpless, Reisterstown

Hogan demonstrates what’s wrong with Maryland GOP

Gov. Larry Hogan is the embodiment of what is wrong with the Republican Party, especially within the state of Maryland. He proudly proclaimed that he has sent in his mail-in ballot, offering that he did not vote for either presidential nominee but instead decided to write-in his selection.

This vote, and his outspokenness over it, was used to appease his constituents, but he lost many by this action.

Tim Fazenbaker, Sparrows Point

The writer, a Republican, was an unsuccessful candidate to represent Maryland District 2 in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Trump is a villain but, alas, Hogan is no hero

Too cute by half, Gov. Larry Hogan. That’s the most generous characterization I can muster regarding the Republican governor’s vote for America’s long-deceased 40th president, Ronald Reagan, in what is unquestionably the most important election in our lifetimes.

Larry Hogan had the opportunity to make a bold statement in favor of ending the politics of enemy-ism that has infected American political life and fueled the vile demonstrations of hatred, prejudice and racism that will forever define the Trump era. Instead, the governor opted to demonstrate yet another profile in cowardice, casting his vote for a political hero incapable of aiding us in our dire national emergency. Clearly, his vote won’t matter. With the preservation of our republic now in the balance, let’s hope that ours do.

Gregory W. Tucker, Baltimore

Couldn’t Hogan at least vote for a good past president?

Just remember this. Gov. Larry Hogan is aware that there is a choice between more Donald Trump destruction or Joe Biden. He voted instead for a dead president. He didn’t even choose a good dead president like Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. He voted for Ronald Reagan!

Frank Fletcher, Baltimore

What an insult to throw away a vote

I was beyond disappointed to read that Gov. Larry Hogan cast a write-in vote for the late former President Ronald Reagan. It is a privilege to be able to vote in this country and this election and not a right. If Mr. Hogan did not have the guts to vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, he could have voted for another individual where the vote would have counted.

Carol Billian, Pikesville

What a shameful action by Hogan

That the governor of Maryland makes a public mockery of one of our most sacred national institutions, an election, is a disgrace. First, no one should know for whom he voted. The secret ballot is key to our free and fair elections. And to say to the citizens of Maryland that he felt neither candidate chosen by the people of the United States to run for the country’s highest office was worth his time on the ballot is an example of thoughtlessness of the highest degree. His actions are shameful.

Steven Sutor, Baltimore

Hey, Governor Hogan, grow a spine

Regarding the news that Gov. Larry Hogan wrote in the name of the late Ronald Reagan in his general election mail-in ballot this year, I have to agree with a Facebook reader who commented: “What a disgrace. An elected official should not be making a mockery of the election process. Grow a spine.”

Bob Jacobson, Pikesville

I voted for Hogan, now I regret it

I’m so disappointed in the vote that Gov. Hogan caste in this vitally important Presidential Election. When he took this opportunity to show he really cares about the way in which Washington has shown its lack of leadership, he caste his vital vote for Ronald Reagan. When he ran for governor, this lifelong Democrat could have easily voted along party lines, or caste a write in vote for some ambiguous person. I looked at the person running, what they stood for, and I voted for Governor Hogan. I never regretted my vote until now. Governor Hogan has been outspoken about his dislike of Donald Trump, yet he did not show the courage I did and vote for someone not based on party but on how that person will govern.

Lois Raimondi Munchel, Forest Hill

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