Hogan redistricting commission undercuts appeal by Frosh

Governor Hogan’s appointment of a commission to redraw the boundaries of Maryland’s 6th Congressional District is an effort to undercut Attorney General Brian Frosh’s appeal to the Supreme Court and is precisely the reason I did not vote for the Governor (“Hogan names panel to redraw Maryland's 6th District, despite Frosh appeal of court order to fix gerrymandering,” Nov. 26).

When all is said and done, however moderate he may appear from time to time, our Governor is still part of a hopelessly corrupt organization called the Republican Party that engages in voter suppression and climate change denial, and gives its unquestioning support to our unstable president.

Yes, Maryland is guilty of gerrymandering, but so are a dozen other states and they are all Republican whose district boundaries favor Republican Congressmen. Mr. Frosh’s action is intended to involve the Supreme Court so that hopefully the courts action on striking down Maryland’s district boundaries will likewise affect all those other states. Governor Hogan’s action is intended to avoid entangling Republican states in this issue and that is just plain wrong.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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