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The Sun goes a long way (literally) to bash Larry Hogan

There is so much going on in Baltimore that needs discussing, yet Dan Rodricks has to go to Garrett County and talk to an attendant at the Garrett County refuse and recycling station to find something to write about, (“Larry Hogan's $61.5 million 'nowhere' highway project gets underway in western Maryland,” Dec. 30). I mean come on, Dan, when are you going to get off your Democratic-leaning high horse and write something that a Baltimore resident might care about? What are you going to do in four years if a Democrat is elected to the governorship? Why not discuss how much money is budgeted for fixing potholes in Baltimore, how that money is spent and why there are still potholes in Baltimore? Can’t do that because Democrats are running Baltimore?

The name of the paper is The Baltimore Sun, so why not stick around Baltimore and see what’s worth writing about despite your own political leaning?

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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