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Andy Harris, unindicted co-conspirator, is unfit for public office | READER COMMENTARY

Heather Mizeur, right, the Democratic Party challenger to incumbent U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (R), meets with potential voter C.J. Bradley, of Fair Hill, at the Cecil County Fair in Maryland's most Republican congressional district. July 28, 2022. (Kenneth K. Lam/Baltimore Sun).

Although I’ve lived in Baltimore County for the past 10 years, I spent most of my adult life as an emergency physician at Union Hospital of Cecil County. And, for around 20 of those years, I was the only hospice physician in Cecil County. As a hospice physician, I made lots of home visits to hospice patients who were too ill to visit their own family doctors.

With that history, I have the right to weigh in on the race for Maryland’s First District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives (”Jan. 6 attack echoes on Maryland’s Eastern Shore as Democrat Heather Mizeur seeks inroads in ‘red’ district of Rep. Andy Harris,” Aug. 4).


When U.S. Rep. Andy Harris conspired with then-President Donald Trump to prevent the peaceful transfer of power that has characterized our nation since the time of George Washington, he wasn’t being patriotic. He wasn’t upholding the oath he took to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Mr. Harris was conspiring in a criminal activity. He is an unindicted co-conspirator. No matter whether you believe that his policy decisions agree with your own or not, you shouldn’t vote for a corrupt person. Corruption is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

Former Del. Heather Mizeur, on the other hand, is an honest person. She doesn’t take political contributions from special interests. She cares about all the folks in the district and will represent everyone. She can be depended on to actually uphold and defend the Constitution.


I recommend Heather Mizeur for Congress.

— Henry Farkas, Pikesville

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