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Voters should know how Harford County school board candidates view issues | READER COMMENTARY

Reading the information about the 17 candidates running for the Harford County was similar to decoding secret messages (“A look at the 17 candidates running for Harford County Board of Education in 2022,” April 22). Instead of reprinting platitudes about the candidates wanting the best for the children, I challenge the Aegis and Sunpapers to ask the candidates questions about the issues that are challenging school boards across the country. Examples:

Was Harford County Public School’s response to COVID appropriate and effective, specifically how appropriate were requirements for masking, vaccinations, sports and activity cancellations?


Did the Harford County School Board act appropriately in preventing people from speaking at meetings?How can HCPS improve teacher retention?

How should the HCPS respond to parent demands to ban books and content that address sexuality? Should trans students be banned from playing sports?


What guidance is appropriate for high school teachers responsible for teaching U.S. government, U.S. history, the 2020 election, the Capital events on Jan. 6, 2021, and the designation of Juneteenth as a national holiday?

Do you think the procedures for the selection of the superintendent of the HCPS can be improved?

These are not vague hypothetical questions; these are questions about real situations that the Harford County School Board has faced and will continue to face. The citizens of Harford County, regardless of their politics, should be given these answers, so they can select members who most represent their educational expectations.

It is fair to assume that each person running for the school board wants the best for the children of Harford County. It is also fair to ask the candidates to define their ideas of the “best”

Janet Bush Handy, Bel Air

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