Fix Harborplace by stopping crime

The Fudgery, the singing fudge shop that opened in 1985 in Harborplace and helped launch the careers of Baltimore R&B bands, will ring its bell one last time at the close of business on Sunday. (Catherine Rentz / Baltimore Sun video)

The article ("Harborplace is very 80s, here's how to fix it," June 24), has all brilliant solutions and suggests using ideas from 2013's design firm, Ayers Saint Gross to fix it.

The ideas are already six years old, back when weather was more normal. So, the first idea to open up Harborplace forgets one thing — Baltimore's weather. Gusting winds, triple digit heat in the summer, snow and sleet in the winter, rain in the spring and fall, sometimes all weekend. Is The Sun aware we are in an era experiencing more extreme weather?


Next idea: bring in smaller local businesses. What small business can afford the lease in Harborplace? The owners might lower the price for the first lease to get the tenants in there, just like they did back in the ‘80s, but they'll raise it back up. They aren't a non-profit. And shop owners already experienced this, or have seen it with other business partners, so few are going to take the bait.

Third idea: more entertainment-type venues as opposed to eat, drink, and shop. Get the local residents to come more frequently, as though local residents are going to be lured by a paint and sip. As if they aren't offered that by Creative Alliance and the Chesapeake Arts Center.

The Sun declares Harborplace "a respected regional waterfront experience in travel circles." Respected by whom? Certainly not the family of 10 that came from New Jersey to celebrate their son's birthday in 2017. Follow the coverage in The Sun of all the violence going on at the Inner Harbor.

I'm holding off going there, and everybody I talk to says, not right now because it’s too dangerous. Nobody wants to be cold-cocked, knocked to the concrete and have their face smashed in for no reason. Just manic hatred and out of control youths.

Here's how to fix it: somehow, some way, get a handle on the violence.

Georgia Corso, Baltimore