The Sun and guns

As a bastion of liberalism, The Baltimore Sun and it editorial staff have steadfastly been a vocal opponent of private ownership of firearms. Even back in the days when The Sun actually had a classified ad section, they refused to run any ads to buy or sell firearms.

Therefore, I find it just a bit disingenuous that The Sun would advertise the firearms auction conducted by the Rock Island Auction Company via that firm's advertisements in the Sept. 6 issue of The Sun (page 18) as well as in several other issues during the preceding week or two. It is obvious when looking at the firearms mentioned as being part of the auction that these are fine, rare, and historic collectible firearms with values commensurate with their rarity. Some are even class three firearms subject to the National Firearms Act, commonly referred to as “machine guns.”

Apparently The Sun has no problem selling and running full-page advertising for firearms as long as they are valued in the five-figure or even six-figure price range. I suppose their justification is that nobody would commit a crime with a gun costing upwards of $25,000, even a machine gun. And they are probably correct about that.

But there are a lot of collectible firearms that do not cost $25,000. And there are many valid reasons for owning firearms in addition to collecting them. Is it not hypocritical for The Sun to condone and support the advertising of high value collectible firearms while advocating for the virtual elimination of private ownership of “regular” firearms by “regular” folks, and worth “regular” prices? I am pleased the The Sun would run any firearm advertising but it seems clear that money talks. I don’t know what a full page ad costs, but it is probably not cheap. Many, if not most, “regular" firearm owners would no more consider committing a crime with a gun than the person spending tens of thousands of dollars for one. I wonder what The Sun would do if a “regular” firearm dealer wanted to run a full-page ad offering “regular” firearms for sale to the “regular” people?

Jack Rehner, Glen Arm

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