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America is crazy about guns, and it’s killing us | READER COMMENTARY

Students Demand Action, a grassroots network of Everytown for Gun Safety, call out the firearms industry during its annual trade show hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) on Monday, Jan. 16, 2023, in Las Vegas. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye/AP Images for Students Demand Action)

I stayed quiet when the anniversary of Sandy Hook passed with the usual gatherings of grief and hand wringing and uplifting words. I didn’t say a word when a 6-year-old boy deliberately shot his teacher — his teacher, for heaven’s sake. Now, we have two teenage girls fighting in a south Dallas parking lot on a Sunday afternoon when one pulled a gun and shot at the other, only to miss and kill an 11-year-old bystander. Now I must speak.

America is psychotic about guns (”Ex-GOP candidate charged in shootings at New Mexico lawmakers’ homes,” Jan. 17). It is a sick and violent obsession that infects the entire country at all levels of society by age or social status or happenstance. Decades ago, a columnist in an American newspaper once wrote that America has the psyche of a juvenile male. She was absolutely right.


— N.L. Bruggman, Jarrettsville

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