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Advocates for gun laws need to talk specifics

In response to the tragic mass killings that have occurred over the past several years, The Sun has published multiple editorials and other opinion pieces (“Knife attack makes case for gun restrictions,” June 11) calling upon government to pass more "reasonable" or "common sense" or "basic" restrictive gun laws.

None of these pieces has contained either a description of the specific form of these laws or how these new laws would have or will have a major effect on the commission of these tragedies (“Background checks for long gun sales would reduce suicides in Md.” April 1). I think it is incumbent upon The Sun's editorial staff to give us readers the benefit of its collective wisdom (“The gun laws we ought to have,” May 25, 2018) and tell us what specific laws you support and how they would be constitutional and effective in addressing this issue (“An ethical approach to business — and gun sales,” June 4).

I truly think that gun ownership is not the cause of these terrible crimes against both the victims and society; they are the actions of troubled individuals who generally obtained their guns legally often in places with restrictive gun laws. It is a problem for our society in total without a good purely political or legal remedy.

David Griggs, Columbia

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