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Grocery workers ought to have protective gear | READER COMMENTARY

A shopper looks over empty refrigerated shelves in a meat section at a Walmart in Warrington, Pa., on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Coronavirus concerns have led to consumer panic buying of grocery staples. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

I was in the grocery store this morning (wearing my N95 mask) when I noted that none of the employees busily stocking shelves wore protective masks (“People need to stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. So don’t avoid the doctor,” March 18). I am very concerned if these noble souls become disabled by the pandemic, food supplies will be precarious.

I realize protective equipment is in short supply, but the state of Maryland should do all in its power to make sure these vital people have N95 masks. If a supply can be located (and it is shameful lack of foresight if not), perhaps local police could visit the stores and supply each worker with N95 mask as soon as possible.


Dr. Daniel A. Symonds, Lutherville

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