Congress and Trump to blame for the government shutdown

As a proud American and combat veteran, I have to admit that I am disappointed in our government (“The shutdown is now a record. End it, Mitch McConnell,” Jan. 14).

I do not blame President Donald Trump, his advisers, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Senate, or the House, individually. I blame them all! Every last person that has been elected or appointed is responsible for the government shutdown that is going on in the country today.

To think that our government can be shut down for any length of time is to betray those who established our Democratic form of government. I am sure that what is happening now is not what Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and all the rest had in mind when they set up how our government would work.

It is time for all parties involved to act like mature adults, sit down and work out a solution. And that does not mean "do it my way or else.”

Bob Eberwein, Middle River

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