Fix gerrymandering — but on the national level

I have to take issue with some of what Robert Erlandson wrote in his recent letter to the editor (“On redistricting, Hogan is right, Frosh is wrong,” Dec. 1) taking to task Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh for not going along with Gov. Larry Hogan's plan to fix Maryland's gerrymandered district drawing.

On the surface, it would seem that Governor Hogan is in the right and Mr. Frosh is in the wrong. How can one abide Maryland's oddly shaped districts? I don't believe the attorney general thinks Maryland's districts are drawn fairly. Rather, he is trying to elicit a response from the Supreme Court on what is fair and what is not fair for the entire country's guidance. That way we won't have this out-of-balance state by state fixes. Looking at the nation as a whole, the Republicans in recent years have benefited more than Democrats from gerrymandering.

As far as Mr. Erlandson's comment that the Republicans must not be doing this very smartly since they lost so many seats in the 2018 election, I believe there were a few overwhelming factors out there allowing Democrats to prevail. Such as the abhorrent behavior of our commander-in-chief.

Tim Smith, Towson

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