Is Frosh 'all-knowing savior' or misguided pol?

As I read about my Maryland attorney general proudly announcing a "huge step forward in our emoluments case,” there is no logical rationale for how this impacts the citizens of Maryland — and I am one (“Marylanders are served by emoluments lawsuit,” Dec. 5). He seems to have made a personal decision to spend several hundred thousand dollars of Maryland taxpayer money (or more) on this frivolous pursuit against the advice of the U.S. Department of Justice and certainly against the desires of this taxpayer, and I suspect many others!

Brian Frosh further states that "this case is a reaction [President Donald] Trump's unprecedented behavior.” So it appears that Attorney General Frosh, sitting in his office in Baltimore, feels he is some kind of all-knowing savior who can cast judgment on President Trump's behavior and punish him with a flurry of frivolous subpoenas? It sounds absurd to me!

In my opinion, the headline should read: "Frosh continues his self-aggrandizement scheme under the banner of emoluments claims."

Wally Hoff, Ellicott City

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