The restaurant vs. food truck war is out of hand

So now, the lawyers for the restaurants claim that food trucks shouldn't operate within 300 feet of non mobile restaurants (“Baltimore food truck restrictions to be argued in court Tuesday,” Feb. 5).

Thinking about this issue (something members of the City Council don’t appear to have done when they passed the ordinance which was clearly at the request of the stationary restaurant owners), it's obvious that the area must be zoned in a way that's compatible with food service. There's no prohibition on two stationary restaurants from being located within 300 feet of each other. And there's no prohibition on two food trucks from operating within 300 feet of each other.

I write this letter not because I actually care more about food trucks than I do about stationary restaurants, quite the reverse. I prefer eating at restaurants with amenities such as tables, chairs and rest rooms. What I really do care about is that lawmakers actually think about whether a proposed law actually makes any sense before they pass one specifically designed to help one special interest group at the expense of another special interest group.

Henry Farkas, Pikesville

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