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The heavily redacted XXXXXXX Fitzgerald

After reading all the articles about selecting Joel Fitzgerald as the next Baltimore police commissioner, my personal comment is that he should stay in Fort Worth until all redacted information is supplied (“Report on Fitzgerald ‘heavily redacted,’” Dec. 13). I know the following for a fact that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx. Furthermore, although I really shouldn’t be revealing this information, xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.

Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, but then again some of it may not be true. In addition to this, Mayor Catherine Pugh reportedly stated that xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.

X xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxx, but, of course, I think we may have to take that source with a grain of salt. As I once said, I’m glad Chief Fitzgerald kept his day job. And to Mayor Pugh, I can only say xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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