Readers Respond

The Dunbar principal and other questionable hiring decisions by Baltimore schools

Paul Laurence Dunbar Community High School Wed., May 22, 2019.

Does one laugh or cry at the actions of the Baltimore City School Board to hire Yetunde Reeves and Eugenia Young as principals of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and Excel Academy, respectively, after each had been pushed out of similar positions in Washington, D.C. (“Public deserves to know more about new Dunbar principal?” June 26)?

Apparently, they were prime candidates because neither had been sanctioned or been the subject of a disciplinary proceeding stemming from what any thinking person might perceive as malfeasance in their prior positions.


Taxpayers can throw all the money they want to the city school system, but nothing will change unless and until a school board is in place that is capable of better decisions than these. Surely, there must be more qualified candidates in Maryland. If not, our educational system is doomed.

William T. Define, Lutherville