Sun’s criticism of Trump is disgusting

Bill Bramhall's editorial cartoon for July 30, 2019, following Trump's comments towards Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and his "disgusting, rat and rodent infested" district over the weekend. The Baltimore Sun fired back with a scathing article titled: "Better to have a few rats than to be one."
Bill Bramhall's editorial cartoon for July 30, 2019, following Trump's comments towards Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and his "disgusting, rat and rodent infested" district over the weekend. The Baltimore Sun fired back with a scathing article titled: "Better to have a few rats than to be one."(Bill Bramhall/New York Daily News)

I am so very disgusted by this article “Better to have a few rats than to be one” (July 27). As a subscriber to The Baltimore Sun for many, many years, I believe it is time to stop. As a news outlet, your paper has become so politically biased that it should not be referred to as a newspaper, but perhaps a newsletter.

Have you looked around Baltimore lately? It appears to me that President Donald Trump was speaking the truth. While there are many beautiful parts of Baltimore and much history to be proud of, people are not in a rush to move to, or even visit Baltimore. Last weekend, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I had reason to drive down Orleans Street by The Johns Hopkins Hospital into downtown, through the Inner Harbor, by the stadiums and onto I-95.


In the 15-minutes it took to make that trip, I was saddened and disgusted on so many levels. By the number of boarded homes (and businesses) and deplorable housing conditions, trash lining the streets and sidewalks, what appeared to be a large homeless population, unaccompanied small children roaming the streets and horrible road conditions. We have two world class hospitals in Baltimore, and it feels like you would be risking your health and safety just to get to either of them. And yes, I did witness filth, rats and rodents. I was also surprised and amazed by the lack of people and foot traffic in and around the Inner Harbor, especially on such a beautiful day. In years past, business and tourism were booming, which appears to no longer be the case.

I am not a Baltimore City resident, but a large part of my tax dollars are spent in the city and what happens there eventually spills into Baltimore County where I do reside. It is disgusting that local government in Baltimore appears to be happy with and proud of the status quo — record shootings, record crime, record departures of residents of Baltimore, filth, lack of tourism, deplorable public schools, corruption in the school system and city government and lack of attendance at stadium events (for fear of personal safety). It appears that all they do is provide lip service to these problems that continue to get worse. When one of the first acts of the newly appointed mayor is to declare city bathrooms gender neutral, instead of going full speed ahead to attack the city’s real problems, it should be obvious to everyone that his priorities are not aligned with what is in the best interests of the city.

When a deputy police commissioner is robbed on an innocent night out, you know things are bad. I don’t know anyone who is in a hurry to visit downtown Baltimore anymore because we are afraid for our safety. It would appear that nothing is being done to try to fix the problems or change public opinion. It is difficult to even find people who are willing to serve as a police officer in Baltimore, not only because of the crime, but because of the way police officers are treated and disrespected by Baltimore’s politicians and government officials, not to mention many of the citizens of Baltimore.

While there are some beautiful tourist attractions in Baltimore, some world-class hospitals, and some proud history surrounding the city, one would have to be blind to deny that the day-to-day life for many residents leaves much to be desired. President Trump had nothing to do with creating the problems he detailed in his tweets. “Charm City” is no longer charming and it is time to stop pointing fingers, but rather become part of the solution to the problem.

The Baltimore Sun personally attacking President Trump does nothing to address the problems that in fact do exist in Baltimore. Your article failed to address these sad realities. By your own reporting, much of the city is extremely dangerous, filthy, rat and rodent infested, and Rep. Elijah Cummings has represented the 7th District since 1996 and does little, if anything, to address the problems that exist in his district. President Trump didn’t “bad-mouth Baltimore in order to make a point,” but rather, he stated undeniable facts. Ignoring the facts that are visible to all, does no one any good, and it would go a long way if The Baltimore Sun investigated the truth and became part of a solution to the city’s problems, and stop defending those who helped create problems.

Finally, to claim that “President Trump sees attacking African American members of Congress as good politics” and implying that his comments have anything to do with race is highly insulting, not to mention ignorant to the truth. Look around, stop finger-pointing and stop spewing hatred. Instead of challenging the president’s truthful tweets and calling him names, why isn’t the Baltimore Sun vigorously investigating these issues, the politicians and local and state government in an effort to get to the bottom of corruption, waste, crime, filth and the downfall of Baltimore?

Mary Lumpkin Towson

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