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Hapless Democrats still the Orioles of politics

In case any of my fellow Democrats are still kidding themselves, the midterm elections were much more like a blue spritzer rather than the long expected blue wave (“Trump, House Democrats confront thorny life under divided government,” Nov. 7).The Democrats did manage, barely, to retake the U.S. House of Representatives but fell even further behind in the U.S. Senate.

They might think they can use their newfound investigative powers to harass President Donald Trump, but nobody in Washington pays any attention to congressional subpoenas anymore. Former Attorney General Eric Holder, the top law enforcement guy, blithely told Congress to go pound sand when he was subpoenaed; does anyone really think the slippery President Trump will simply turn over his tax returns or anything else to the Dems?

If this election was any indication of the strength of the anti-Trump "resistance," I would say they are about as far along in their rebuilding as the hapless Orioles. Maybe by 2020, the Democrats will have a cohesive and compelling message and a charismatic leader to sell it. Otherwise, they will get humiliated again by a take-no-prisoners campaign waged by President Trump.

Jon Ketzner, Cumberland

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