Park deer can be managed humanely

It is disturbing that North Point State Park in Edgemere is allowing bowhunters into the park (which should be a wildlife sanctuary) for what they term an early "managed hunt" in a misguided effort to control deer populations. Not only is this plan unethical, it will also fail.

Bowhunting is one of the cruelest methods of killing animals. Studies have shown that for every deer killed at least one other is shot but escapes. Those who somehow survive long enough to escape endure a prolonged, agonizing death — some can take weeks to die.

And hunting doesn't decrease populations. It creates a spike in the food supply which increases breeding among survivors and attracts newcomers. The result is an endless killing cycle.

Deer populations can be managed humanely and over long-term with contraceptive vaccines, fencing and repellants and other proven methods.

In this day and age, such archaic, barbaric murders of wildlife should not be allowed. How can a visitor to this park, or any other that encourages it, try to enjoy the beauty of the parks while knowing this ruthless treatment of wildlife is going on behind the scenes?

Mary Beth Malooly

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