Crime victims are not one-dimensional

Thank you for the thought-provoking message in an editorial in Sunday’s print newspaper, ("Don't victim blame Baltimore's crime away," Jan. 3).

An entire course of study could be organized to more deeply explore the basic attitude of accountability and/or lack thereof for crime. Shift focus to a broader lens, and there is a sort of offshoot type of "judgment" made about " criminals" who try to cross our southern border. A kind of blame game.

Yet, who helped and continues to create intolerable conditions which drive people to seek escape and to enter the United States? In Baltimore, and at the border, human beings live in parallel universes — yet are poisoned by each other's toxins. Each group causes disease and suffering to the other. Each is manipulated by small numbers of people who control resources and distort truth. Each are victims of greed. Reactions are fueled by fear.

Perhaps the biggest enabler of our distrust/malaise/sickness is ignorance. Some of it culpable.

Please continue to help explore and evolve potentially liberating and necessarily disturbing and disruptive (to the status quo) thinking. We can do better!

Elizabeth Lutz, Baltimore

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