This is an ad for a fundraiser at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland for Gov. Larry Hogan's fight against the Kirwan Commission.
This is an ad for a fundraiser at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland for Gov. Larry Hogan's fight against the Kirwan Commission. (screenshot)

The Sun’s op-ed opinion piece authored by Don Mohler and Rushern Baker, of all people, is the latest in a series of swipes by The Sun at the Maryland Live Casino/Hotel/Event Center (“Former county executives: Maryland governor plays politics with education," Nov. 6). Mr. Baker never met a want of his county’s casino he didn’t support, and the voters got the joke and his blatant disregard for the welfare of the county and made short shrift of his run for governor.

The Live Complex is perfectly situated off of Interstates 95 and 295, and geographically positioned virtually equidistant from Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Baltimore, Howard County and, of course, Anne Arundel County. With thousands of free parking spaces for all visitors at all times, a five-star hotel, and the most visited retail mall in Maryland, it is no surprise that organizations and corporations, profit and non-profit, have made Live their assembly venue of choice.


Live has a simple transparent procedure for the booking of events and the criteria is totally absent of any censorship as to the beliefs of the organization, provided there is no violence or hatred associated with their assemblage. To illustrate, on Nov. 7, Live welcomes the Governor’s Annual Gala, and nine days later, on Nov. 16th, we are honored to host the Democratic Black Caucus of the state legislature which, to my knowledge, has no Republicans. We welcome the Annual Marine Corps Gala, the State Real Estate Trade Association, union events, corporate events and so on.

I personally have tremendous respect for the Marine Corps of the United States and served an active duty tour in the Air Force and enlistment in the Navy. That said, if someone is of the contrary view about the military in America, so be it, and the recourse is not to contribute to their event. The Sun wants the Kirwan Commission Report to be funded. Bill Kirwan is a good friend whom I have great respect for. Likewise for Gov. Larry Hogan (“Larry Hogan’s legacy: Fighting education with dark money,” Sept. 20).

The Sun can keep pounding away; it will have zero influence on who Live rents to. In America, the Democratic Black Caucus is entitled to the right of assemblage and free speech. So is the Republican Gala Committee. Both groups pay full freight. When The Sun started its campaign of nonsense against Live, our monthly revenue was double that of our closest casino competitor; it is now triple.

David Cordish, Baltimore

The writer is CEO and chairman of the Cordish Cos., which owns the Maryland Live Casino and Hotel.

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