Reopen government and build a border wall

Even though I go to bed early, I stayed up for President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address and the rebuttal from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer afterward. I’ve followed the illegal immigration debacle for decades, yet I never thought it would reach the political amplitude it has achieved (“Trump heads to southern border as shutdown talks fall apart in Washington,” Jan. 10).

I support legal immigration and genuine asylum claims, but what we have today is an dangerous situation. When caravans of thousands trek through Mexico in hopes of gaining entry to the United States, this is more than an asylum issue. Mexico has already offered asylum to many of these folk, yet they are determined — and by force, if necessary — to breach our Southern border. Something is wrong with the picture.

In my opinion, a wall is a good start. I fail to understand why the Democrats have opposed it and, by the way, caused the government shutdown. It’s a shame so many Americans are hurting and something must give. The statement that “an emergency declaration … would potentially unlock military dollars for building the wall” is commendable. Isn’t it time American taxpayers stopped funding a bloated defense system and created real defense of our nation? Eliminating troops unnecessarily stationed all over the globe is a great idea. It boggles the mind that we still have forces in Germany and don’t get me started on NATO which is nothing more than a European welfare system.

It’s time to start building a wall and open the government for business!

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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