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Climate change doomsayers could easily be wrong

Police carry signs used by protesters and police tape as activists advocating for new policies to combat global climate change close an intersection in Washington, D.C.

Take a breath, kids. Childish thinking can be forgiven in children, but it is truly distressing that the supposed “adults” in the room can make no allowance for any scientific or journalistic skepticism, doubt, questioning or curiosity of the doomsday scenario of the global warming and climate change catechism (“'This is my future’: Thousands of students in Baltimore, across Maryland join global climate march,” Sept. 20).

I call attention to the recent article, “Universe may be 2 billion years younger than thought." Science is replete with examples of blunders and mistakes (you can Google it, kids). If they can be off by 2 billion years in one estimate, perhaps Chicken Little should get a grip.


Dave Reich, Perry Hall

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