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Hot topic for holiday: climate change threat

This Thanksgiving season, in addition to being thankful for my family, friends and community, I am thankful for The Baltimore Sun’s increased discussions on the need for climate action and for specifics such as pricing fossil fuels extraction and returning all the revenues to households (“To lessen climate change, educate the public,” Nov. 18). This would provide a market signal to transition to 21st century energy sources while protecting ordinary people and creating an innovative environment.

We need to talk about mitigating climate change as part of building a brighter future for us, the United States of America.

At this Thanksgiving dinner, let’s make climate a bridge issue. Let’s discuss how we can be part of the solution to build stronger communities with greater energy independence by working together (with Congress) to pass national carbon pricing legislation with the fee returned equitably to all households. When we do this, we can all be thankful for a nation coming together, one Thanksgiving dinner table at a time, to work on an important issue that will affect, and in many cases, is affecting, our communities and our nation.

Sabrina S. Fu, Ellicott City

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