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The sooner Americans prepare for climate change, the better | READER COMMENTARY

Climate change and Tropical Depression Ida. (Bill Bramhall/New York Daily News).

Climate change will become one of the greatest agents of change in our time as increased atmospheric energy from heat-trapping greenhouse gases drives evermore extremes in the weather, similar to stretching a spring with increasing amplitude and letting it oscillate back and forth. Our thin atmosphere is conceptually similar to a rubber glove stretched on a bowling ball. There is no question that with the rising carbon dioxide levels, due largely to human activity, we are trapping more heat in our atmosphere which is driving these wild oscillations of flooding and drought; heating, and cooling (”As extreme weather risks rise, so do the costs of protecting Maryland’s power grid from storms like Ida,” Sept. 10).

Humanity is now faced with the challenge of adapting to climate change and planning for extreme weather events which will inevitably entail catastrophic disruptions of service and power. The sooner we accept this reality, the sooner we can seriously and honestly address the problem. It’s high time for us to jointly work to address this ever-growing threat.


Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nevada

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